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Our Vision

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God desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. His vision becomes our vision. We desire to save the souls in Vietnam and educate the saved souls to the knowledge of the truth. We desire to plant churches of Christ in all over Vietnam. We realize the vision through the Vietnam Bible Institute (VBI). The VBI focuses on discipleship, fellowship and leadership.


Our mission is to make disciples and bring them to the intimate relationship with God – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thus the VBI keeps sending the evangelists to convert the souls.


Once the sinner is saved and added to Christ’s church. He/she has not only the relationship with God but with the saved body. Thus we take the next step to teach them to observe whatever Christ has commanded the apostles. Therefore, the VBI provides the brethren literature, biblical training and other activities to build up the body of Christ. We keep following up the planted churches to encourage them to be faithful.


The local leaders are the key to keep the kingdom of God expanding in evangelism and fellowship. Hence, we impart the knowledge of Christ through biblical training to prepare local servant leaders to minister their own local members. We train local leaders so that they can train others to save the lost and teach them to observe the Apostolic words.

About the VBI!

Dau Tieng (Binh Duong) church of Christ sets Brother An H. Tran aside to lead the VBI (also known as Binh Duong Bible Institute) since 2015. But we have not announced it officially to the world till 2018. Brothers Dong and Tuan are working together with him to establish 5 churches of Christ in Binh Duong province, Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Rang City and Quang Ngai province. Brother Hong An graduated from Sunset International Bible Institute and he is working on his Master at Heritage Christian University.

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