Vietnam Mission Field

Vietnam Mission Field


Our mission is to plant, sustain, and multiply churches of Christ in Vietnam.


Our goal is to impart the knowledge of Christ and sound doctrine to ministers, preachers, and local leaders to reach out to the whole nation.


The VBI has three full-time national missionaries to carry on our vision and mission in the Vietnam mission field.

Brother Dong D. Tran

He is a second-generation member of the church of Christ and was born in 1961. He and his wife (Hau) were married in 1986. He took over his stepfather’s ministry when he passed away since 1984. The Lord has baptized over 500 hundred people and established over 5 congregations through brother Dong’s ministry. He has trained his son – An and Brother Tuan to be his fellow-workers in the mission field. His role model and practical insights are seen in establishing churches. Thus, he is qualified through his work, love, and experience in the Lord to keep serving the lost and saved. The vision and mission of the VBI are reflected by his desire to love God and souls. He is held in high respect among the churches of Christ both in and outside Vietnam.

Brother An H. Tran

He was born in 1987 and baptized into Christ in 2001. He is the third generation of the church. Through his father’s mentorship, he has learned practical and biblical insights in ministry to have a strong desire to be an evangelist and a teacher in the mission field. He has been serving Dau Tieng Church for 11 years (2008) where his father is a minister in many roles: a treasurer, visiting and encouraging members, a missionary. He established Long Khanh church in 2009. Brother An and his wife (Hoang) were married in 2011.

Brother An and his wife came to Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) in Singapore in 2013 and graduated in 2015. They were trained at the feet of brothers: the late Brandi Kendall (over 35 experiences in overseas mission field) and brother Edward C. Wharton (very well-known in sound biblical doctrine). Thus, brother An has been equipped by the Lord with both practical and academic missionary insights from his father and teachers.

From July 2015 to Aug 2017, brother An served as a minister in Nha Be Church (Ho Chi Minh City), a director in leading biblical education ministry of the Vietnam Bible Institute (VBI), a teacher for the churches of Christ, a translator, and a webmaster for online ministry. The Lord has baptized many people and established 3 congregations (in Binh Duong Province and Phan Rang City) through his ministry. Brother An founded Vietnam Bible Institute in 2015.

Brother Tuan T. Nguyen

He was born in 1990 and baptized into Christ in 2009 (Long Khanh Church). He and his wife (Nhu) were married in 2018. He was trained in Dinh Hiep Church as a treasurer and a minister by Brother Dong since 2013. He has been mentored and trained in the mission field by Brother An since 2015. He has been with Brother An as a companion and fellow worker in the mission field. He has learned both from Brothers, Dong and An, practical and academic missionary insights. He began serving churches of Christ as a full-time missionary at VBI since 2016. He has proven to be both a qualified and gifted missionary, not just by the confirmation from his teachers and local members, but also from VBI’s overseas missionaries when they come to serve in Vietnam.

We hope and pray that the Lord will raise more missionaries like these men and their wives for the work of saving and keeping the souls in Christ in Vietnam. However, until the Lord raises up others, this team is capable of carrying on VBI’s vision and mission.

Missions Field

VBI has established churches in 6 provincial places in the south of Vietnam.

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